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Migration DVD-A (HE2005) - $17.98


Migration Audio CD (HE2012) - $17.98


1. Senegal Suite   15:07
2. Migration   8:17
3. City of Light   9:05
4. Sadness, Away   2:14
5. City of Water   9:52
6. Spiral, Dreams of Home   5:29

Migration was produced, composed, arranged, performed, and programmed by Hamilton Sterling and Jimmy Haslip.

Hamilton Sterling is a sound designer, composer, editor, and musician who has worked on such films as The Dark Knight, War of the Worlds, and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Jimmy Haslip is a producer, composer, musician, and a founding member of the jazz fusion group, Yellowjackets. He also plays in the Allan Holdsworth/Alan Pasqua group, and Jing Chi.

The 2009 release (HE2005) is a DVD-Audio disc which is playable on most DVD players (No Region Restrictions, NTSC) as well as all DVD-Audio players.

Side 1 of the disc contains two versions, a DVD Dolby Digital 5.1 version for DVD video players with surround speakers, and a high-resolution (24bit 48kHz) stereo version for DVD video players with stereo speakers. Side 2 of the disc contains a DVD-Audio 5.1 high-resolution (24bit 48kHz) version for DVD Audio players with surround speakers.

The 2011 release (HE2012) is a wide dynamic range audio CD playable on all CD players. This is a remix of the original surround recording.

If you do not have a DVD or CD player please download the MP3 files from CDBaby.com, Amazon or iTunes.

Migration was recorded, mixed, and edited at Helikon Sound by Hamilton Sterling, and mastered at Dogmatic by Rich Breen.

Stay tuned for new releases from Hamilton Sterling and Jimmy Haslip, including A.I. Opera (click here for more info).

RISE AND FALL - A meditation on civilization undone.

Rise and Fall CD

Click on one of the links below to purchase securely with your credit/debit card OR your Paypal account. In stock.

Rise and Fall (HE2029) - $16.95


1. Speak to Me 2:23
2. Furthermore 6:48
3. When Life Was Light 1:35
4. Hail the Caesar 1:32
5. Lica at Sea (Grottesca Cerimonia) 1:07
6. They Are Dust 5:15
7. The Last 2:44
8. Say Hello 0:48
9. Serial Etude 4:12
10. Tweet 2:40
11. Duet for One 1:35
12. Hold This in Mind 3:37
13. No Pleasant Peasants (Rise of the Fascists) 1:38
14. Three Wars 3:52
15. Eulogy 5:48
16. Journey’s End 2:30
17. Repeat After Me (And Love) 4:55

Rise and Fall was produced, composed, and performed by Hamilton Sterling.

These mostly live loop improvisations feature fretless bass, acoustic bass guitar, and midi-following synths and effects. Sequenced compositions utilize rhythms adapted from ancient Greek poetry.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Helikon Sound, Santa Monica, California
Vocal samples courtesy of Spectrosonics Symphony of Voices & Vocal Planet
Covers and inside photos: Hamilton Sterling
Album design/layout: Greene Design

In addition to purchasing the CD (see left), you can also download the MP3 files from CDBaby.com, Amazon.com or abstractlogix.com.


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